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We're a leader in helping organizations respond to and proactively protect against advanced cybersecurity threats. Our team has decades of experience dealing with advanced threats from all around the world. With our ARM (Assess, Remediate, Monitor) model, we support all types of organizations during their most vulnerable times.

Cybersecurity Issues We Solve

With the rapidly changing threat landscape, it is increasingly difficult to protect an organization's assets. Given that, organizations need a trusted cybersecurity adviser to respond to breaches and proactively guide them through the lifecycle of their cybersecurity program. Our professional services capabilities include:

Vulnerability Assessments

Every business is vulnerable! There are no perfect plans or strategies. But, we can objectively assess your organization, team, and infrastructure. Business owners and executives are increasingly accountable for risk management and mitigation, so cybersecurity is here to stay.

Penetration Testing

The foundation to any cybersecurity strategy is regular, rigorous penetration testing. Our expertise, coupled with our state-of-the-art, purpose-built Kraken PTT penetration test tool, allows us to identify and resolve deficiencies before they become threat opportunities.

Security Consulting (Fractional CISO)

Do you run a small- or medium-sized business without a full time CISO? Welcome to the club! Many companies can't afford full time support but need the protection and expertise a CISO can provide. We can provide fractional services to keep your business safe and secure.

Digital Forensics

Do you suspect a breach or data theft is in process or about to happen? We can help identify and track the movement of digital assets, allowing you to determine if your data or assets are at risk.

Secure Hardware and Software

Network infrastructures are not created equal. We can help recommend, specify, implement and configure software and hardware solutions that will keep you secure against hacks and penetrations; consult us before you make that next software decision.

Incident Response Retained Services

With our retained services, we'll assign a security specialist to be on call to support your needs. Our specialists provide the benefits of dependability and availability without needing to hire a full time security expert.


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