Trident - Managed Threat Detection

Security Operations Center as a Service

Trident - Managed Threat Detection is an enterprise-class cybersecurity solution designed to protect SMBs from the growing threat of cybersecurity breaches.

The wallet-sized Trident Threat Detection on-premise micro appliance will cover all devices on a network, from PCs to Macs to smartphones. Plug it into your business router, and our software will immediately begin monitoring all network traffic for anything suspicious, such as malware or hacking attempts.

It can be installed, configured and commissioned in minutes, sending you notifications of any potential unknown devices, questionable traffic, or other network issues at your clients' sites.

Rogue Device Detection

Monitors for unexpected devices on your business network. If a rogue device is detected, our monitoring team will contact you to confirm whether the device is allowed. If not, we will help you block the rogue device.


Our Trident - Managed Threat Detection system solution delivers 24/7/365 security monitoring from our global Security Operation Centers. 24/7/365 coverage protects and monitors your business no matter the time or day.

Firewall Compliance

Scans for vulnerabilities or holes in your network security and empowers you to be PCI and HIPAA compliant.

Malware and Ransomware Detection

Detects malware and ransomware attacks on network security and intellectual property. Once confirmed, our team can advise you on successful management and mitigations.


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