Trident Employee Monitoring

An Ounce of Prevention

Trident Employee Monitoring is unlike any other solution in the industry in that it is solely focused on uncovering the insider by identifying data leaks, potentially exposed data, and by monitoring all employees with network access and other access to sensitive data.  

Employee Monitoring

Measures the effectiveness and efficiency of employees during business hours and flags any issues or odd accesses during off hours. This solution provides around-the-clock coverage for employers and corporate level staff.

Insider Threat Detection

Our "Employee Monitoring as a Service" analysts provide a service beyond the basic Trident Employee Monitoring solution. Our analysts will monitor all communications within the company and detect any potential corporate espionage, embezzlement, and time card fraud. We can even monitor corporate level staff, if so desired. Employee Monitoring as a Service analysts can provide deep forensics for investigations and even criminal prosecution.


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